Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conor Daly going to Europe?

Whale apparently the youngster Conor Daly is not only crushing the competition in Star Mazda currently, but also is now finding his way into the Media’s attention, as I’ve now listened to him twice upon Autosport Radio and Speed Freaks...

Thus it was pretty entertaining to hear Statmann (of Speed Freaks) giving the 18yr old Noblesville, Indiana resident some “Stchick” over making his Old Man drive their rented RB home from Iowa on Father’s Day... Are you that big of a racing star now that you’re making your Dad drive for you? Statmann inquired; Hya! To which Conor replied; NO, I just don’t think he’d want me driving this big ‘Ol rig!

And apparently if you go to Messer Conor’s website, there some pictures of him rubbin’ elbows with Uncle Bernaughty at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, as the youngster confessed that his heart lay in racing in Formula 1 someday and he’d probably like to move onto GP3 next year in order to get his feet wet for the climb up the European ladder’s rungs hopefully into F1 in the near future after tackling GP3 and GP2. Although he’s still hopeful of making the Canadian Indy Lights rounds this July, pending securing the necessary funds...

And as the Freaks pressed him on why Scotty NOSE Speed and The Hamburgular, a.k.a Sebastian Bourdais had such difficulties lasting in Formula One you could hear ‘Ol Man Derek blisterin’ the RV’s tyres as they squealed in protest of the ex-Open Wheeler’s four wheel drifts...

While earlier on Autosport Radio Conor confessed that he wasn’t sure ‘bout having to pay his Dad to be his Manager... As Derek had already told him he wanted an Aston Martin; YIKES! Good For You Derek!

You can Check out the two interviews here:

Conor Daly: Autosport Radio interview

Conor Daly: Speed Freaks interview