Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yep, Y’all read that right... Everybody’s favourite Venezuelan racing driver Milka-licious, a.k.a. Milka Duno, who’s better known here at No Fenders as the Wanderin’ Milka... Has managed to wander her way into a most respectful 17th place starting position for tonight’s OvalFest at Texas Motor speedway, where can you say The HEAT is On! As check out who all is startin’ behind Milka...

17th; No.18-Milka Duno, Dale Coyne Racing, 213.222mph.18. 24-Tomas Scheckter; 19. 14-Vitor Meira; 20. 77-Alex Tagliani; 21. 66-Jay Howard; 22. 36-Bertrand Baguette; 23. 2-Raphael Matos; 24. 37-Ryan Hunter-Reay; 25. 34-Mario Romancini; 26. 78-Simona de Silvestro,

Yet; How ‘bout ‘Dem Dale Coyne Racing Cars, eh? As my SLEEPER pick for tonight is Alex “Pink” Lloyd who continues his Feel Good I500 Mojo by being the highest starting NON-Big 3 entry with an impressive sixth place start: P6) #19-Alex Lloyd, Dale Coyne Racing, 214.408mph.

Meanwhile Sarah Fisher Racing busts out with it’s “Two Car Monty,” as Jay Howard’s back in the groove along with his ”Tyre King” sponsor...

Service Central sticks with Fisher
To check out the entire Starting Grid for tonight’s race that Y’all can watch on Versus at 5PM PACIFIC, see Chris “Mr. CHiPs” Estrada’s post:

Briscoe wins Pole for IndyCar Texas

Pole) #6; Ryan Briscoe, 215.273mph.
P26) #78; Simona de Silvestro, 211.289.

Psst; Hey Mr. Briscoe, Y’all may wanna make sure uze turns ‘Dats wheels left tonight, eh? Hya!