Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vintage Corvettes Le Mans reunion

While I’m occasionally reminded about the Indy Racing Leagues Dentist-Racer Dr. Jack Miller, I’ve forgotten that there once was a driver nicknamed “The Flying Dentist,” a.k.a. Dr. Dick Thompson from our Nation’s Capitol, nee Washington, DC.

As Mr. Thompson was reunited with his 1960 No. 2 Corvette he raced at Le Mans half a century ago during the American Le Mans Series outing at Laguna Seca this past May, where three vintage Corvette Le Mans racecars were displayed.

As part of this year’s Pre-race 24 Heurs du Mans festivities, a gaggle of 50 ‘Vette’s will participate in Parade lap duty, with the American Sports car armada being led by 92yr old John Fitch, behind the wheel of his 1960 No. 3 class winning ‘Vette! As two of the three car Briggs Cunningham entry that he took to France as baggage aboard a luxury liner still survive today 50yrs later...

A Reunion of Le Mans Corvettes as New Version Heads to France

And speakin’ of Corvettes at LeMans... Shouldn’t you be watchin’ the Race right now?

LE MANS: Wall to Wall Coverage...