Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Webber staying at Red bull

The man in the middle of Istanbul’s “Cluck-up” when teammate Sebastian Vettel wandered into the race leading “Aussies” path, has been confirmed at Red Bull Racing for a further year, seeing their Driver Duo unchanged for a third season, as both driver’s contracts NOW EXTEND THRU THE 2011 SEASON.

Naturally this is a smart move by Red Bull as Mark Webber currently leads the Formula 1 Drivers World Championship, along with leading RBR teammate Vettel currently by 15 points and now would suggest that Kimi Raikkonen will continue on in the World Rally Championship.

Interestingly, it was SPEED’s Pit Reporter “Newboy” Will Buxton who first claimed a few races back that he believed he’d read Mark’s manager’s “body-language” traipsing in-and-out of the Red Bull compound to suggest that the deal had been done...