Monday, June 28, 2010

Webber’s Red Bull literally sprouts wings

So I’m not sure why... But ‘Aussie’s Mark Webber’s full somersault during the European Grand Prix at Valencia made me flash back to the ‘Uber-nasty looking multiple Barrel-rolls Jos “THE BOSS” Verstappen amazingly pulled off during his debutant Formula 1 race in Brazil way back in March, 1994... When the Rookie F1 driver was the recipient of ‘Irv-the-Swerve’s jinking maneuvers during a three-car ‘Scrum with a fourth back marker involved, as one; thankfully Jos was uninjured and two; the most hilarious part I recall ‘bout this is that after Eddie Irvine was given a One race ban and $10,000 fine for causing the accident. Eddie’s boss ‘EJ, nee Eddie Jordan appealed and Irvine’s ban was increased from one race to three... Although I recall the total duration being four, which cracks me up! As I think this was the last driver to be given a race suspension?

And I must say I was appalled by the Race Steward’s decision making Sunday, as what in the HELL is up with giving Lewis Hamilton a “Mulligan?” As that’s the very first time in a long while I’ve actually agreed with Fernando Alonso... On Hamilton’s illegal passing of the Safety Car not being enforced correctly!

And so now, Messer Webber’s walked away twice from pirouetting racing cars... As don’t forget that Webber was a passenger on Le Mans Mulsanne Straight in those multiple Barrel rolling Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR’s...