Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three year old Beaver

Yo Kenny Sargent; pull YOUR mind outta the gutter!

Watching SPEED’s Friday Practice session of the Formula 1 ‘Lad’s traipsing round Il Notre Dam, which simply MUST be part of the Grand Prix season... Messer Bob Varsha noted a peculiar “furry” critter watching the action up close ‘N personal, having gotten FREE Admission to the venue, eh?

As Varsha noted it looks like some sorta Beaver? Which immediately made me think back to Professor Matchett’s favourite F1 Team; Whale Ok, Steve’s third favourite Team fondly known as “Super Best Friends,” nee Super Aguri, where the Driver known as ‘ANT, a.k.a. Anthony Davidson proclaimed on SPEED that he’d actually struck one of those Marmot characters with his Front wing!

Canadian Beaver