Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Zhuhai pickle

As those old Bridgestone commercials used to say. “The wheels keep going round.” As the Champ Car World Series (CCWS) plays its proverbial game of positive “Spin.”

This story seems to sum up the current Management mentality of Champ Car “All roses” theory pummeled on by Kevin Kalkhoven, as it appears quite certain that the Zhuhai Champ Car race has been off of the calendar since April 2nd.

Yet, Champ Car made NO mention of this apparent cancellation of its inaugural Chinese race during its first three events, claiming instead that it was simply working upon a new race date, while leaving the race in all printed media.

Last week I caught a brief little story where the Indianapolis Star reported that the Chinese race promoter has filed a lawsuit against CCWS for breech of contract. The promoter is seeking damages over the $1.6 million fee it paid in advance for the May 20th event that was rescheduled to October 28th.

Hey Champ Car, quit monkeying around with what’s left of your dwindling fan base…