Monday, June 11, 2007

Riding the Rails

Having just spent the weekend enjoying Champ Cars circulating around a proper road course at Portland International Raceway, which I teased Y'all 'bout previously before departing.

I’ve just completed making my way northwards to Seattle via the Best Dam train in Amtrak’s dilapidated fleet. Well the train is really nice, but even this “Express” runs on Amtrak time… As we’re forced to pull over for freight trains.

I really like riding on the Cascade Express, which utilizes the Talbot high speed train, with a top speed of 79mph. (Governed-by rails) This of course PALES in comparison to the French record setting train, which hit a terminal velocity of 357mph earlier this year.

Prior to leaving, I still was undecided over attempting to get the Hamburgular’s autograph on my poster. (Again?) As his group of four drivers were such JERKS last year and sent me off fuming!

I was happy to see that the Atlantics and Star Mazda ’were once again support races, while the verdict is still out on the new Mazda MX5 event. But I’m NOT too impressed to see that “Formula DUH!” Drifting is back once again… (Talk about being desperate for entertainment!)

Dam I miss the good ‘ole days of SCCA Pro Racing’s Trans Am series. When the Factory Backed competitors put on one HELL of a show. These NASTY looking “Pony Cars” were equally fan favorites with CART as we’d all make our way to the Festival Chicane to await the first corner fista-cuffs! That’s back when Tommy Kendall was kicking everybody’s ASS in his Roush All Sport Body Quencher Mustang. While arch nemesis Dorsey Schroeder and Ron Fellows were always close behind. But I digress…

Now if I was savvy enough I’d be filing this report via my laptop aboard the train, but then I’d need to purchase a laptop and learn how to use the darn thing…

Also in order to pen my thoughts about this weekend’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve event. I’d have to see who won the Canadian Grand Prix prior to watching it… Which is very taboo for me… But I think the one person I’d NEVER expect to give it away… My mother has just ruined the results for me as I just briefly checked my emails…

So I’ll just leave you to ponder my thoughts about both Portland and Montreal for a bit longer, while I try to recoup from four days in Oregon as well as catch up on 8 hours of videotape prior to this week's upcoming events. And although the WRONG driver won the Champ Car race, it was a very good weekend. Albeit a bit too DAMM SOGGY on Saturday.

Having Capped' my weekend's outing to Portland's final Champ Car race in another riveting No Fenders tome...

(This No Fenders Post was updated on May 14, 2017)


  1. Sounds like you had fun...I'll make my annual journey to the race with fenders, Daytona's Pepsi 400, next month.

    Regarding your Mom giving away Baby Lewis' first win..I wish my Mom was still around to rain on my racing parade.

    Great blog!

  2. Thanks!

    Point taken. I'll try NOT shooting the messenger next time... As I guess I should be happy to finally have my Madre actually pay attention to my Formula 1 fanaticism...

    Actually it's pretty funny how many family friends 'N relatives I've tried to keep from telling me the race results, so I guess I should be happy that everyone tries to keep me up to date on F1, eh?