Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend Follies

Whew! Now that I’ve finally finished viewing the majority of my insane amount of taped race coverage from the past weekend. It’s finally safe to answer the phone, check my emails and read the internets without learning the results of the Formula 1 and 24 Heurs du Mans.

And Yawn! Ho Hum, another Formula 1 race and another McLaren 1-2 whitewash. As once again British phenom Louis “Jaguar” Hamilton ran away with his second consecutive “Double Double” (Pole & Win) weekend during the F1 circuses North American swing.

Isn’t it funny how opinion’s change so quickly? As I seem to have never minded a good solid 1-2 thrashing by the Scuderia when Herr Schumacher was the victor. Yet even this grew tiresome as Ferrari manhandled the competition for such a long time, that it seems the only thing to end their dominance was Michael’s retirement! (Yeah I know that Renault beat him fair ‘N square…)

And perhaps it was just me? But once again I found FOX’s coverage to be ABYSMAL!!! Upon discussing the matter with Danny B. I suddenly realized that we hadn’t been subjected to Dudley D’s grid stroll. Yet the TV broadcast was PITIFUL… With long distance oblique views of the cars. While I sat screaming repeatedly at the TV to get the “F’ing” box off of the screen that was obliterating my view of the race actions! As FOX(?) seemed fascinated with showing the grid positions in a black box that blocked the oncoming F1 chassis...

FOX was fortunate that the race went down in such a torrid pace that they were actually able to squeeze in the victory podium, the spraying of champagne and top three driver’s interview with Peter Windsor. Which they totally BLEW in Canada due to the silly pace car being dispatched a record 4 times!

Yet, I just had a strange thought? What if this pathetic world feed TV coverage is just another knife twist in Emperor Bernardo’s grand scheme of ratcheting up contract negotiation talks? Nah, Bernie isn’t that shrewd, probably just another way of making more money, eh? (Less cameras + less TV time = LOWER production costs)

And Dan seems quite certain that Tony George doesn’t have the kahoona’s to draw a line in the sand with Mr. Muppet in regards to the announcement that Tony hopes to know Indy’s fate by July 12th. As that would be the most arrogant thing Messer George has ever done in his lifetime! I mean its one thing to blow off Kevin Kalkhoven, but Emperor Bernardo?

And I found myself more interested in whether or not the latest “Wunderkind” Sebastian Vettel could make history… By becoming the very first teenager to ever score Formula 1 points. No less than in his F1 debut! And sadly with the demise of Nico Rosberg who deserved better. His Toyota customer lump went KABLAMOE!!! While running in a solid 6th place. This elevated Vettel into the points upon finishing 8th. Vettel passed youngest point’s scorer Jenson Button…

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