Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Spyker in trouble?

Will this F1 “Minnow” survive? As Speed’s bob Varsha spent the Monaco weekend blathering on repeatedly about Spyker Cars currently being in financial difficulty.

Apparently the trouble lies in the overly quick “ramp-up” to promote the small specialty automobile manufacturer. (By purchasing a Formula 1 team?) This has seen a Management shake-up at Spyker Cars, while further speculation has centered upon the possibility of Jos Verstappen being given a test drive to attract media attention.

And then there’s the countless legal wrangling's that Spyker F1 is currently in the midst of. With the Guido Van der Garde test driving “scrum.” Along with the customer car legality row. Hence one must wonder if these actions will be dropped in order to save cash (face) or will its Middle East backer’s simply pump further oil profits into the struggling operation?

Hopefully Spyker F1 team boss Colin Kolles recent comments about the Formula 1 team’s financial position being separate from the struggling car company are true. As Kolles insists that Spyker F1 is looking good for the time being…