Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dan's the Man

Ah, everyone say at once how sorry you feel for resident Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B. who’s just been granted his credentials for this weekend’s USGP at Indianapolis.
Yeah, Danny B. will be forced to muck it up on the grid for 3+ days. Having a catbird seat to all of the live action while being
Literally just meters away from the coolest vehicles on the planet.

And he’ll most likely be “Hobbsnobbing” with the likes of “Flavour Flav” and Emperor Bernardoe… As well as staying out of Derr-Wreck Daily’s way as he makes his ceremonial grid walk just minutes prior to the start of the Formula 1 race.

All of this apparently after Dan’s open letter to Bernie “The Muppet” Ecclestone, questioning why there were no “Yanks” working on the broadcast crew. So it looks like Danny got his wish and will now be busy schlepping Beluga caviar & Dom Perignon for the Emperor. I just hope that Danny won’t become too distracted by Messer Ecclestone’s weekend escort? (OOPS! I've been corrected by Danny that the "Tall Cool One" is none other than Mr. E's wife...)

And see if you can spot Bernie’s credentials. Credentials? “I DON’T NEED NO STINKIN CREDENTIALS!”

Don’t forget to check out Formula 1 Live as well as the extended TV coverage on SPEED & FOX this weekend…
For Dan’s letter see: Danny’s Open Wheel Report