Monday, June 4, 2007

Four Car Monty

It appears Formula 1’s future will indeed get Max Mosley’s ultimate version of Gin Rummy, with four car super teams becoming the norm starting in 2008.

This is in regards to Mosley’s desire to see customer cars being allowed to be purchased by rival Constructor’s. Thus forming alliances with the various engine manufacturers, or creating four car operations with the theoretical “B Team” squads currently established.

Thus seeing the alliances between Honda and Super Aguri, Toyota and Williams grow stronger. With McLaren and Prodrive jjoining forces next year. While speculation suggests the current Red Bull-Scuderia Toro Rosso partnership may end?

Rumours suggest Dietrich Mateschitz will possibly sell Scuderia Toro rosso to a consortium involving Nicolas Todt. As previously mentioned, Todt “junior” is the son of Ferrari’s Jean Todt along with being Sebastian Bourdais’s manager.

And although the speculation implies that Mateschitz would seek an alliance with Renault, since they currently supply engines. One must wonder if relations are strained at all after David Coulthard blocked Renault factory driver Heikki Kovalainen in Monaco.

Then again, perhaps Mr. Mateschitz would enjoy aligning himself with “Flavour Flav” (BRiatore) to continue taking his pot-shot’s at Ron Dennis?

Apparently the Austrian Drinks magnate is currently having a spat with Mr. Dennis. Although I have no idea what the row is all about. Reports claim that Dennis has banned Dietrich’s Newspaper from the McLaren monolith (motor home) from Montreal on.

Therefore the Austrian paper took extreme glee in publishing a large glossy colour photo of Mercedes Benz head honcho Norbert Haug reading the banned rag deep inside the bunker of said McLaren mobile palace.

If such a deal did occur, then Toro Rosso would become the Ferrari “B” Team, leaving Auto giant BMW alone in the wilderness. Yet I’m having difficulties seeing BMW-Sauber partnering with the sole remaining privateer on the grid: Spyker F1.

Recall that Spyker currently has an ownership involvement of Middle East concerns which own a 5% stake in Ferrari. And although this new partnership isn’t impossible, it seems unlikely. Thus leaving BMW alone in the four car Monty.

And perhaps this would give Ferrari the trump card with a three team alliance? Ah, how the power struggle for F1 supremacy never ceases. And
With Mosley’s visions of grandeur for the future of Formula 1. Will the new four car teams need to run in the same paint schemes?