Friday, June 22, 2007

India “Take Two”

As Emperor Bernardo was busy giving Tony George the cold shoulder. Which could just be part of the ruse to take America’s pulse towards continuing the Grand Prix?

News reports claim that India has now given up plans for another “Cookie Cutter” street race and instead will concentrate upon a purpose built track. As Mr. Muppet has just announced awarding India a Formula 1 calendar date for 2009. Of course this is upon completion of the track as well as paying off all of Ecclestone’s subsidiaries.

Yet I don’t see how this project will come to fruition with the entire over redundant political wrangling that seems to be an India trademark. As India’s IOC (Int’l Olympic Committee) will be in charge. And with construction having not even begun. Nor a site chosen, it seems quite a short amount of time to complete a new circuit…