Saturday, June 23, 2007

Three ring circus

Of course the majority of household televisions will most likely be tuned to the RASSCAR race this Sunday at Sonoma, CA. But interestingly the two rival Open Wheel race series will be going head to head also this Sunday morning.

Champ Car will once again invade the shores of Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport, where the Hamburgalur will try to steal another race away from his competition. It will be interesting to see if the Team Aussie duo, not to be confused with the Hendricks Dangerous Duo. OOPS dose are dem Nextel-Sprint-AT & T-Singular guys…

Yet it would be really nice to see somebody stop Sea Bass’s winning streak of 3 consecutive victories. But if Portland is any indicator, then we’re in for a long sordid processional season of Bourdais leading the way. Yet obviously Justin Wilson & Co. aren’t just giving the races away to Seb, with Will Power only 12 points behind. And one should probably never count out ‘ole PT, eh?

Meanwhile the IRL is taking to the High banks of Iowa, which believe it or not actually has hills ‘O plenty as well as tons of farmland. And that’s possibly part of how the event got its name? As AJ Foyt said when giving the command to start engines in Milwaukee, “Boy’s ‘N Girls!” Will be making Indy Cars debut on the 7/8th mile bull ring that Rusty l. T. O. Wallace built… Which seems a bit silly to me to be having 220+ mph projectiles covering the miniscule track in 17.6 seconds in excess of 182mph!

Danny B was most impressed with the events name, the Iowa CORN 250. Which seems right up there with the Kansas Lottery 300? Yet could the Corn moniker be in deference to the much ballyhooed running of said IRL series on 100% switchgrass… Err, Ethanol. All I can remember about Iowa is that I was told if you see a roll ‘O toilet paper on a Farmer’s cornstalks, then its safe to you-know-what there…

And speaking of Corn… Lastly dem good ‘ole boyzs of “Roundy Round” fame will be struttin their stuff at Ifineon Raceway, one of RASSCAR’s two road course events. Which I’ll admit like Danny B sez. You have to marvel at the fact of trying to wrassle a 3,400lb behemoth thru both right & left hand turns. Throw in a host of “Road Warriors” like Boris Said, Ron Fellows, PJ Jones. Well I don’t know about PJ, but tis kinda funny he made this event but NOT Indy this year… And funnier yet is all of the chatter ‘bout running the COT on its very first road course, yet I prefer Marc’s title for this new Beluga whale better known as the CORN!!! Not sure why, but these cars remind me of the old Chevy Beretta’s…

(I was going to throw in a witty “Juan” liner ‘bout Robert Blake, but I’ll leave the humour department to others…)

You can watch all three races on Sunday with Champ Car (CBS) squaring off against the IRL (ABC) @ 10AM (Pacific) as 17 Champ Cars make their second standing start vs. 18 IRL chassis circulating dizzily past the corn fields. With RASSCAR on TNT sometime later in the day