Tuesday, June 19, 2007

USGP Postcard

And all of the USGP hoopla (jabber) brought Dan & myself to ponder the trivia question of the day. Where have all of the USGP’s been held in the past?

As I’m certain I heard Bob Varsha mention during qualifying that it was the 50th USGP event. Along with being the Grand Prix to be hosted at the most different venues in one country. (9) Can you guess? Dan & I managed to get 8 of the 9 venues, with one of the California sites impossible to guess…

Good luck!

(OOPS! I’ve already given part of it away. Hint: 4 were on the West coast, with one being held in a parking lot. One in-between and 4 more in the East. And NO cheating Danny!)


  1. OK - without looking I promise...

    Long Beach (my favourite)
    Watkins Glen (close second)
    Las Vegas (lame!)
    Indianapolis (oval and road courses)

  2. Congratulations Keith! You are correct... And you're making me look pretty bad as an F1 afficianado...

    But did you know the years too? And I'm really sorry to have to tell you that there's NOTHING in the piggy bank for you correctly answering the question...

  3. http://home.cinci.rr.com/usgp/history/usgp_map.html
    This cheat link answers that!