Saturday, June 30, 2007

Got Milk?

Well perhaps it may be time to put Fernando’s mug on the back of those Milk cartons after all? As Alonso was MIA in today’s “Q3” Qualifying session... Well actually he was sequestered in the McLaren pit garage with a detonated Mercedes lump, winding up 10th in final qualifying. If the engine needs to be replaced Alonso will incur a 10 grid spot penalty and would start the race from P20! Thak could make for some interesting racing.

And I particularly enjoyed David Hobbs comments about the four Red Bull cars starting together in lock step, positions 14-17. With “Hobbo” wondering if all four cars would knock themselves out on the first lap?

And is it just me or does it seem a bit funny how Lewis Hamilton’s only being second today seems so anti-climatic? Ho Hum, I could have done better, but I made a slight mistake in corner 15… So strange to be disappointed with P2 in only your 8th race, eh?

Meanwhile in the Quebec countryside, a Frenchman was once again busy stealing the pole in Friday’s provisional qualifying atMont-Tremblant. NO! It was not the Hamburgalur as we’ve all come to expect. Instead it was rookie countryman Tristan Gommendy of PKV Racing. This is quite impressive, being both Gommendy’s and PKV’s first front row qualifying position of the season, with Gommendy guaranteed of starting no worse than second on Sunday.

Bourdais admitted he’d made a minor mistake while trying to steal the pole away from Gommendy, winding up just .007 seconds adrift. With Team Aussie’s Will Power third, Justin Wilson fourth and Robert Doornbos rounding out the top five. Doornbos commented that the St. Jovite track reminds him of his favourite race course, Spa Francorchamps, which ain’t too shabby company to be compared with!

Back in France, Scott “Nose” Speed was running Scuderia Toro Rosso’s first Seamless Shift” transmission, making good use of the new box to work his way into second round qualifying. Unlike DC who managed to find a box full ‘O neutral’s from his Seamless Shift unit during “Q2.” Thus giving me thoughts of how much Bourdais may be salivating at the jump to Toro Rosso next year.

And would somebody please tell Peter Windsor to QUIT GOOSING Speed during the interviews! As he sounds like he’s got a frog in his pocket when the microphones are upon him…