Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Dan & Danica Show

Pretty funny to think that when a RASSCAR race gets rained out for the third time in the past few weeks, the Indy Racing League would become the beneficiary!

And I know I shouldn’t be getting sucked into the “Spin Cycle” of “Who HIT whom?” But the talk of the week centers on the Princesses latest THEATRICS in pit lane. When she confronted Dan Wheldon afterwards regarding their on track incident. Yet Princess got wound up and went after “Spike” like an angry hornet. Grabbing Wheldon and shoving him as she walked away.

And what’s up with Penske Racing breaking the rear wings on both of its cars 10 laps apart? I suspect that the Penske gang was seeking the “Unfair Advantage.” And I know that with today’s rules being so tight, teams will do anything to seek the slightest performance gain. Just ask Bobby Rahal who earlier this year saw both of his cars go to the back of the grid for interpreting wing angles differently then the rest of the grid…