Thursday, June 21, 2007


They’re baccccckkkkkkk…….

Ack!!! For reasons unknown, my frilling internets connection once again is NOT working… (But I’m on the Verizon “Free-DUM” plan. You know that plan that I was DUMB enough to sign up for!)

And this is the 3rd time in less than a month that the connection has just magically STOPPED working. And I really don’t know why? Since I’ve tried all of the “tricks” I did last time, (1 week ago) i.e.; Unpluggingg modem/phone/computer; Disabling anti-virus & checking internets connection… SHEISA!!! NO Dice. Err, internets…

Perhaps my ISP is just trying to drive me crazy? And why do I feel like I’m trying to troubleshoot an intermittent automobile problem? You know the type that seems impossible to diagnos. Or perhaps it's those damm Gremlins as they seem to have sturck the spelling above... Yet as I was listening to the radio last evening, the DJ rambled on about Fairy's coming out because it was Mid Summer's Eve.

As a really cheesy Spike Lee “voice” keeps repeating” “It’s gotta be the modem!” But I’ve digressed once again. Simply put, all of this means I’ve been “OFF-Line” for another 24+ hour period and unable to post these brilliant stories…

Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for it (internets) to come back around! Damm where’s Arlo Guthrie when yuh need him. Suppose he’s busy ridin his motor cickle to the pickle store, eh? Since it's the first day of Summer and we're havin perfect riding weather...

(Obviously it came back around Quick! Publish the damm stories…)

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