Thursday, June 21, 2007

USGP Postcard (Answers)

Oh Yeah, you’re probably wondering what the DAMM answers to the USGP trivia question are? Or did you manage to figure out all nine venues? As I’m sure one of the West coast locations will not be known. Can you say Riverside?

1. Sebring 1959
2. Riverside 1960
3. Watkins Glen 1961-80
4. Long Beach 1976-83
5. Las Vegas 1981-82
6. Detroit 1982-88
7. Dallas 1984
8. Phoenix 1989-91.
9. Indianapolis 2000-07

Bonus trivia: During the years of 1976-83. The United States was the second country after Italy to host two events during a season. The duel races were known as the United States Grand Prix West and East. With Long Beach being known as the USGP West event from 1976-80. While Watkins Glen (1976-80) and Detroit were USGP East events during the brief period of two races being held in the United States.

The third country to enjoy the two race moniker was Germany with the Nurburgring and Hockenheim, which has now been replaced by Spain with the arrival of Valencia and Barcelona to the 2008 F1 calendar...

(Answers from Wikipedia)