Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Speed Bites

With the over abundance of television watching I did on Sunday. I missed SPEED’s program switches, wondering why the Moto GP race was cutting into The Speed Report. Which threw the evening programming off a half hour. Even as SPEED continued playing adds claiming that the show was on at its regular air time…

And since I was busy watching to see if Montoya could win in Sonoma, I’ve just finished watching it on tape. (Since I had to re-record my two shows)

Now strangely, I thought I caught The Speed Report’s Nicole Manske getting in on the Open wheel bashing during the first airing of the show. (Inbetween commercial breaks) When I could swear she told Robin Miller that the 12 Champ Cars finishing the race were more than the IRL had running at the end of the Iowa Corn Bowl. “Whoa Nellie!” Quick reset the VCR!

Yet per usual, Robin Miller’s segment was way too short! As Manske started out by telling Miller that Paul Tracy got some revenge upon Bourdais claiming that he was washed-up! And Miller just said that Hell Yes Tracy needed the win, since he’s nearing 40… (Uh, Robin he’s 38)

Miller’s two scoops of the day were that he believes that the Hamburgalur has a signed deal to drive for Scuderia Toro Rosso next year alongside, drum roll please… Nope, not Scott “Nose” Speed, but none other than Bruno Senna. As it’s worth noting that STR co-owner Gerhard Berger is deeply involved in the young Senna’s career. Does this mean that Vitantonnio Luzzi will indeed replace David Coulthard?

Thus Miller seems to believe that Speed will be trolling the champ Car paddock for a ride next season. Does this mean that we’ll have another Red Bull sponsored chassis on the grid? Hey I know. How about partnering PT next year?

Miller noted this would open up one of the top seats in Champ Car, which could make for interesting driver shuffles. And although Miller didn’t say it on air. Apparently he told Nicole off camera that possibly Marco Andretti would jump into Sea Bass’s seat? Wow! Could you imagine an Andretti, Rahal, Speed and Figge (ALL American’s) in Champ Car?

Meanwhile the usual RASSCAR Posse called into Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain. Although not to talk about Juan Pablo’s win at Sears Point Raceway. Although one fan did tell Despain that he’s now a Montoya fan… And that JPM has won him over and he’ll be buying the Montoya hat, NOT the Hamilton hat. As Hamilton’s short career doesn’t compare to Montoya’s overall accomplishments.

At least both programs agreed that the Iowa Corn 250 was a “DOG” of a race, as it garnered The Speed Report’s “Un-Smooth Move” award of the evening with Ms. Manske calling it a crash fest. And Despain hammered his loyal IRL supporter over how TERRIBLE of an event it was! Yet in consolation Despain told the female caller that she’s done MORE to promote the Indy Racing League than their hired gun Gene “I AM Indy” Simmons…

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