Monday, June 25, 2007

Miserly Mac

Well I know that Danny B will be extremely happy, since he’s been telling me that one of the RASSCAR races he’s really been looking forward to was the Sears Point event. Being fairly confident the road courses would be MAC Montoya’s best opportunities for scoring his first Nextel Cup victory. (I don’t think he went too far out on a limb there, eh?)

And Monty didn’t start the weekend off real well, as he claimed that he simply “Choked!” In qualifying, winding up 32nd. Yet Juan Montoya (You know it’s hard for dem RASSCAR boys to say multi-syllable words!) put on one hell ‘O a driving clinic, as he late braked his way towards the front. Even doin a little “Racin is Rubbin” with the #48 car amongst others. Careful Son, that’s Ironhead Jr. you’re tryin to carve up… (Do Californian’s throw beer bottles on track if the #8 car get’s taken out?)

Yet MAC found himself sitting third in the waning stages of the race, prior to moving up to second during late race pit stops. Juan Pablo’s crew had been pleading with him to save fuel as their initial calculations showed him 3 laps short on petrol from reaching the checkers.

But Montoya seemed possessed in his desires to take the lead away from pole sitter Jamie McMurray, which he did with a clean pass thru the esses prior to McMurray’s tank running dry… Holy Dodge Chargers, Batman! Juan Pablo Montoya reached the checkered flag much to the chagrin of the entire RASSCAR field. Claiming his very first Nextel Cup victory…

Note to Robin Miller, MAC won in his 17th start which is an entire season in Formula 1. Yet I suspect that this will energize Monty to continue racing since he currently leads the Rookie of the Year standings...