Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Confuzer” Gremlins

“Welcome Back Kotter?” Talk about going into the “Way Back Machine, eh?” Nothing like feeling you’re up against the deadline of a clock and your internets access is being uncooperative! Perhaps that’s what happens when you make fun of le internets, eh?

In typical confuzer-speak. It worked fine last night when I posted Riding the Rails, but NOW it DON’T work!

So, as Arlo Guthrie sez in Alice’s Restaurant… “We’re just waiting for it to come back around.” Which is what I’m currently doing in regards to my internets service. And perhaps I didn’t sing the praises of Al Gore’s invention loud enough? Since I’m still waiting for it to come back around…

Although I thought it was only temporary since at least this time the phone line didn’t go DEAD. After 5hrs of NOTHING… I decided to call my esteemed Verizon DSL provider to check on my service. After getting bounced from the main desk to tech support, a nice gentleman walked me thru ALL of the various “quick” troubleshooting tips he knew before finally claiming it must be my Norton Antivirus.

But that wasn’t it… As my most excellent Blog Meister walked me thru disabling it. Then we tried checking the Network Connections and finally I even tried a different phone cord on the modem… And I was all set to give my DSL provider the news that I thought I needed a new modem, when wallah the “Damm Gummit Thing” worked!

I finally posted the following stories (NOT to be confused with going Postal) upon being able to re-establish internets connectivity. (20+ hours LATER!_ which turned out to be a major PAIN in the ASS!!! Sorry for the delay. Hopefully this won’t happen again? Since I have absolutely NO idea what went wrong…

(Ah the wonders ‘O modern technology… Quick, post some stories before logging off!)