Sunday, January 3, 2016

Its Schuey Day at No Fenders (2nd Edition)

Long ago photograph of a jubilant Michael Schumacher during the Ferrari glory days. (The Tomaso Collection)
Any Hardcore F1 racing devotee will certainly know of whom I've taken to calling 'DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher - And Thy significance of today's date in regards for the seven times F1 world champion, right?

Alas, as another year's slipped by and Herr Sckewmacher's (Hobbo' vernacular...) fate seems sealed, and now is eternally intertwined with Thy late 'Awntie Harriet's demise - Having taken her Schuey Diecast car I'd bought for her home, since she NO longer recognized who he was two years ago, a week after Michael's skiing accident!

Yet in deference to my past affinity for Herr Schumacher, and still reveling in the smoldering embers of Holiday, here's last year's Post when I decided to create this now yearly tribute to our fallen Comrade!

Will try not dwelling on Michael's current predicament, other than Nary a Peep's been heard 'bout his current prognosis from Team Schuey; Chirp-Chirp; Bueller? Is this thingy' on? Other than Jean Todt's usual bluster of Michael's still fighting; Blah-blah-blah, really?

As sadly, whenever I think 'bout Schuey now, I think of Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen's prophetic words: Michael's (still) Asleep at the Wheel!

Yet now that the Hoopla surroundin' Jeffery "Pretty Boy" Gordon and his retirement from Taxi-cab drivin' has died down, I realize how the media tizzy over Gordon, who ironically his middle name is Michael; Co-inky-dense? Just sayin'

Seemingly the Pomp 'N Circumstance; Uhm, look Mum', isn't that Lewis? Mario, what are Yuhs doin' here; Hooah! Makes me bristle, along with flashing back to another epic Two-part Harmony; Err longish tome I scribbled awhile ago declaring;

Championships/Years competed/Seasons/Wins/Poles/Podiums
(7) Michael Schumacher; 1991-2006, 2010-12 (18)      306       91           68          155        77#
(4) Jeff Gordon; 1992-2015  (24)                                        797        93          81           475*
(# = Fastest laps)
(* = Top-10 finishes)      

As I'll admit freely that I was a Humongous Schumacher Fan from 1991 until 2006, albeit still revel in attending Mother Speedway with Claudio & 'Awntie Harriet - Witnessing in Thy flesh 'Juan 'O Michael's final victories before forced retirement.

Have nothing against Jeff Gordon's driving abilities, just his Goody 2-Schues demeanor always rubbed me wrong, and still revel over Mary Ellen spotting that ubiquitous cartoon character Calvin PISSING on the #24 adorned on a "Shorty" School bus turned into camper appropriately parked at Indianapolis Motor Speedway 'Wayback during the Twenty-oh-One USGP Formula 1 race!

And in Full Disclosure, I'll admit I was wrong about who's got the most wins of A-L-L at Thy Brickyard, for which Geo. Phillips divulged the correct answer being Johnny Aitken in

But today's supposed to be about Thy legendous' Michael Schumacher, whom twenty years ago was still basking in the afterglow of having secured his second, consecutive F1 world championship for  then Benetton. Y'all know, the Enstone team that'll once again be le Reggie', nee Renault in 2016; but I digress...

Michael Schumacher's active ride Benetton B193 racecar. (Image source:
As Schuey was en route to Maranello two decades ago, to make history with Monsieur "Toad," (Todt) Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, Nigel Stepney and the rest of la Scuderia's Dream Team.

And having spent countless Greenbacks' upon first Benetton, followed with mucho Scuderia Ferrari merchandise, although I'd say it wasn't my Schuey "Zenith," but certainly height 'O Formula 1 frenzy?

Since I've still got the 1994 Benetton-Ford team poster hanging on Thy wall twenty-plus years later, along with the Team Benetton coffee mug, championship sweatshirt, Postcards, etc - As Kudos to Benetton's marketing department, eh?

Then again, I've got multiple 1:18 Hot Wheels Diecast Ferrari's in Thy closet from the Michael Schumacher collection, as he sure did his marketing magic upon Mwah...

As I was so enthralled about Herr Schumacher, and with NO United States Grand Prix in sight after Phoenix's early demise, I traveled A-L-L the way to Italy for what was supposed to be my first witnessing of the legend in Thy flesh, but fate intervened, being the year Michael broke his leg; CRIKEYS!

Alas, Thanxs solely to Mary Ellen, who proclaimed: I'll take you to Indianapolis! After being screwed out of my tickets the year prior... I first saw Schumacher at Mother Speedway in 2001, despite Thou panic 'O something called 9-11...

Subsequently witnessing him at the Green Hella, aka Nurburgring, albeit the modern, sanitized track next door. Then Suzukre' (Suzuka) twice and last again at Indianapolis; Hmm? That's a nice symmetry I've never realized before.

AnyHoo, think I'm just rambling here, but the point is, Schumacher was once a mighty legend, and it's sad to realize the pitiful physical state he's in, as gotta be careful what I type 'bout Michael less Jean sends his Hitman Dr. Gerard Saillant after Mwah!

Or Fraulein Sabine Kehm goes on a Witch Hunt for daring to speak realistically 'bout Michael's current demise, since after all, what a terrible way to spend your 47th birthday, Ja Volt!

Whilst as Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward recently lamented. Is the current demise of the German Grand Prix related to Michael's absence? And will somebody ever report upon the social conscience Schumacher, a Bricklayer's son cast upon his nation, when his Countrymen proclaimed "Immer Ferrari!"