Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 Dakar: Peugeot takes victory Anew while KTM keeps rolling on...

Dakar 2016 Bikes podium with Australia's Toby Price upon the Top Step. (Image source:
Funny how a few weeks Screamin' by your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso seems an eternity, which obviously cannot even remotely compare to the travails of this year's DackCar' competitors epic journey!

Has half of January already slipped by? As I tried keeping abreast of this year's Dakar's daily Stages via thee voice 'O "Peacock-lite," nee NBC Sports Leigh Diffey each afternoon prior to departing for "Snottsdale," (Scottsdale) where Blogmeister Miguel was kind enough to read me Stage updates daily via Zed Intrawoods, before returning home for the remaining tape delayed half hour vignettes, albeit I was so crushed by the Seahawks implosion vs. Carolina that I forgot to watch the final day's wrap-up special whilst commiserating with Thy 12S'; Hya!

Since if we stur-retch' Thy chains mythically, perhaps it's somewhat Apropos that Messer Peterhansel, who's NOT related to Gretel; Hooah! Was appropriately busy joining thou legendous' ranks of 12S'; Hya!

Thus I'm ARSE-Sumin' Y'all know that Monsieur Dakar, nee St├ęphane Peterhansel won his record extending twelfth Rally Raid and now has an amazing six Cars victories to match his previous six titles captured on two wheels; Aye Karumba!

As only runner-up Nasser Al-Attiyah, defending Cars champion, who won two stages along with rookie team-mate Mikko Hirvonen  capturing his maiden Stage victory aboard Mini's were able to beat this year's All Conquering Peugeot 2008 DKR! Which breaks the Four Wheel Drive dominance of all previous South American Dakar Rally winners.

As Monsieur WRC, the legendous' nine times consecutive World Rally Championship winner (Sebastian Loeb) who was making his DackCar' debut mesmerized with his blistering pace during the rally's first week before an upside-down excursion effectively halted his plans for victory!

And another rallying legend El Matador, aka Carlos Sainz, father of Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Pilote' Carlos Sainz, Jr. swept into the lead after Loeb's pitfall only to see his harrying pace result in a spacer between the Peugeot's engine and transmission break, causing the elder Sainz to retire once again - leaving Thy door open for the wily Desert Fox Peterhansel to effectively cruise to victory once more.

Toyota's lead Gun-slinger Giniel de Villiers  claimed third once again, continuing his impressive streak of Top-4 finishes overall en route to holding off the hard chargin' Hirvonen, who finished fourth overall in his maiden Dakar outing with Toyota's Leeroy Poulter rounding out the Top-5 Cars finishers.

Ironically Loeb, who I believe won the most Stages this year, held off his former Citroen WRC 'Wingman Hirvonen en route to winning the rally's final Stage, as surely Miko's getting a bit "Frosty" over always finishing runner-up to Loeb, eh?

Meanwhile, guess I picked the right Bloke; Err Aussie' to root for in the Bikes category, as it shouldn't have been a surprise that KTM collected its fifteenth straight victory, claiming a 1-2 finish with Australia's Toby Price being victorious whilst becoming the first Aussie' to ever win any Dakar category!

And was unawares' that actually five Yanks were making their DackCar' Scooters' debut this year, with the previously mentioned Ricky Brabec  finishing a fine ninth for Honda, finishing a scant two hours, eleven minutes and change behind Price after some 5,700+ miles and over 48 grueling hours in the saddle!

While it was another Yank apparently living up to Thy moniker  'O Gordoun! As reportedly Robby Gordon, who had a dismal rally which featured his rookie team-mate Sheldon Creed, the rally's youngest competitor at 18 being disqualified for missing too many wave-points when trying to finish a stage while trying to make up for lost time.

As Robby found himself having to withdraw after crashing into his own team's support vehicle at 80mph whilst trying to exchange some water bottles en route to the Post-race celebrations; YOUCH!

As this latest blunder by Gordon reminds me of when his "One 'N Done!" team-mate Greasy 'Ol Salad-bar, aka Eliseo Salazar raced past Robby's stricken Humdinger, forcing Gourdoun' to abandon the race!