Friday, January 22, 2016

Female F1 racing pioneer says Arrivederci...

Maria Teresa de Filippis certainly isn't a name that comes to most people's minds, as I'll surmise that only Diehard Formula 1 Aficionados know her name - Whom I know of from having scribbled very briefly about her pioneering ways in Formula 1 in my original Women in Racing post 'Wayback in the summer of 'Twenty-oh-Seven; YIKES!

Since after all, this brazen Italian lass did help pave Thy way for such Femme Fatale luminaries as Lyn St James, Sarah Fisher and Uhm, what's her name? Oh yeah, as surely Y'all are way ahead of me; NO! Not Thy Wanderin' Milka; Hya! As can Yuhs say Danica?