Monday, January 11, 2016

INDYCAR: Time to begin Revving Up our Collective engines...

Surely there's a Countdown Clock somewheres' on Zed Interwebs' regarding exactly how many hours & minutes left 'til Gomer Pyle' sings Back Home in Indiana this May, right?

Otay, think we're A-L-L Done with Thy New Year's tidings, eh? Although I'm still awash in Holiday cheer, since I'm working on my tan in Arizona right now, Y'all know where Indy Cars will make its return to some 'lil Bullring Oval after eleven years absence - With a Saturday Nite' outing, April 2nd.

As can I-T really be nearly the same amount 'O years as "Symone Pagenoe's" car number since I made my lone trek to Avondale to partake my debutante Roundy-round' (Oval) race? When "Jack Vanilla" (Jacques Villeneuve) spectacularly tried flying into Thy Goodyear walkover bridge; Aye Karumba!

When apparently what I witnessed, and photographed was Villeneuve's car impacting mightily with "King Hiro's" stricken racecar!

Alas, whilst your humble No Fenders scribe is stuck in a Time-warp, unfortunately A-L-L of thee Hype this year will focus ceaselessly upon some upcoming event at Mother Speedway this May, for which one of its current entrusted Cheerleader's gave us the following on New Year's eve.

Yet as the master 'O understatement, Bob Varsha would say: "Before You can Race, first You must Qualify!" As we'll actually begin anew in St Pete, Florida early March, with the racing calendar largely unchanged, albeit two classic venues return while a few slip away.

While another blustery voice from Thy Dark Side, Mark "The Decider!" Miles previously pontificated, the fine folks of television factored mightily in his decision upon how to shape this year's schedule. Oh put a Sock in It Miles!

Ah, such a soothing, pleasant way to begin the New Year's season tidings, eh? Uhm, hope Miles won't sic' Kirk "Special Forces" Dooley after Mwah to straighten up my typing; 10-Hut!

After all, Dooley's one of the Few 'N Brave wishing to serve for IndyCar; Hooah!