Friday, January 1, 2016

The Name is Bond...

Nope! This AIn'T NO Holiday tale 'O glee 'bout Thy newest James Bond movie Spectre...

Just a 'lil late Holiday tidings here, as how could I pass up a story 'bout Thy legendous' James Bond's ultra kOOL Aston Martin rides thru the decades, eh? Ahem, Shaken or Stirred? 'Wee-wee..

.Meanwhile, Aston Martin, the maker of many fine Bond-mobiles, although I've always been smitten by the Ford Mustangs, most notably the BAD ARSE '71 Mach 1 in Diamonds are Forever and that Lotus Esprit in Octopussy! (Having previously owned a Diecast version of the Bell Helicopter from the same movie - With real honest to goodness shooting missiles! As talk 'bout your child safety laws; Aye Karumba!)

Nonetheless, the auto manufacturer is reportedly still in limbo over whether or not to enter the Formula 1 arena, for which I'd enjoy seeing, but in a slightly different guise.

Preferably wishing to see the Midfield runners remain an Independent entity, i.e.; not a Mercedes junior "B-Team," as reportedly Mercedes owns a 5% share of AM, whom presumably are sourcing their engines from Stuttgart these days.

Although it'd be GURR-REAT! To have Aston Martin back in Formula 1, with hopefully better results than its original foray some half century ago with Carroll Shelby & Roy Salvadori behind the keyboards of those front engine "Boat Anchors!"

As "VJ-duh-Playah" (Vijay Mallya) AIN'T exactly on solid financial grounds these days, while apparently we'll have to wait at least until later this year to find out if Aston Martin wants to go Mano e Mano with Johnny Walker v Martini in the rarefied arena of F1?