Friday, January 1, 2016

Fangio 'N Ferrari's...

Oh how this 'lil Drummer Boy would like to be in Maranello, Thy automotive Mecca's revered Bethlehem right now, 'Tis 'O thee...

Then again, may be NOT! As reportedly the tiny enclave fondly known as Maranello is teeming with hoards 'O Wanna-bee enthusiasts BRAP-BRAP-BRAPPING Scuderia Ferrari L-O-U-D Pedals incessantly!

Meanwhile, surely Y'all have heard 'bout the late, great Juan Manuel Fangio's rare la Scuderia racecar having fetched an impressive $28m, as in millions late last year at a New York auction, right?

In other assorted 'El Maestro news, for which I previously ignored scribbling about, the late Juan Manuel Fangio's remains were finally exhumed in order to settle a longstanding legal dispute.

The exhumation order came from an Argentinean Judge's bequest, in order to solve one of two men's pending paternity suits proclaiming that Fangio had been their father has finally confirmed that at least Oscar “Cacho” Espinoza, now 77yrs old is 99.99% certain to be of Fangio's DNA.

A second man named Ruben Vazquez, who reportedly bears a striking resemblance to the late five times Argentinean Formula 1 world champion's paternity suit is still in litigation, but seems like it should precede now after the results of Espinoza's case - Who was commonly referred to as "Cacho Fangio" during his racing days!

Having originally read 'bout this tangled web 'O Fangio's lust 'Wayback in July of last year when Axis of Oversteer posted the following...

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