Friday, January 8, 2016

Football 'N Sun!

"Blogmeister Miguel" in Seahawks finery and "Artiste Dave in Cardinals garb flank No Fenders scribe Tomaso at Century Link Field prior to the Seahawks vs. Cardinals Sunday Night game. (The Tomaso Collection)
Yeah, your hard workin' No Fenders scribe Tomaso thought he'd take a break from Thy dreaded Pacific Northwest's ominous winter weather...

So much for staying "Dormant" a second week here during Thy Holidazes at No Fenders, although I am actually basking in The Valley of the Sun right now, taking a Holiday weekend in Sunny Arizona, where the NFC West Division Champion Arizona Cardinals are currently resting on their laurels; Hya!

Meanwhile, NO idea if the much ballyhooed Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks - Past NFC West Division Champs will manage to go very far in this year's NFL Playoffs?

Although  I'll at least catch Juan' game of theirs with "Mr. Seahawk, aka Blogmeister Miguel, along with No Fenders logo maker Artiste Dave, Diehard Cardinals fan; Ahem,


As I'll hopefully make another visit to Thy Penske Racing Museum, whilst if you're looking for some current motorsports info, then check out the Roar Before Daytona test, which takes place Jan 8-10...