Saturday, January 30, 2016


What's that saying 'bout there's a prize in every box...

Thanxs to the Speedgeek over at Grab Bag Sports, I learned that Mazda has given up on their Skyactive Diesel racing motor, and instead for 2016 has bolted an inline 2.0-litre four cylinder turbocharged lump' to Thy backside of their Lola P2 derived chassis.

Also learned that indeed they'll be hosting their yearly Blogathon with this year's movie featuring Jeffry "You Know you're a Redneck!" Foxworthy. As the never heard of before movie is certain to garner A Golden Box 'O Happiness; as Y'all May be a Redneck if; Oh Never Mind!

As the movie's about to begin, so get your popcorn, peanuts, crackerjack and beverage 'O choice and drop into the Blogathon mentioned below...

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