Friday, August 16, 2013

What? A Non 'RASSCAR Event on FS1?

So this Saturday is when I officially planned on turning OFF SPEED, which will become Fox Sports One (FS1) that day, as hey, all I've seen so far for their teasers is the tag-line "Fox Sports 1: Your Home for ALL things Nascar;" BARF!

Thus I've been searching 'N searching daily to see if this weekend's MOTO GP race at Indianapolis would make the cut or not? As for reasons unknown, perhaps since my NFB telephone TV Guide still thinks its SPEED? There's NO mention what so ever of either 'Qualie or the Race  being shown; WTF? Which means I'm glad to have found the corresponding link below denoting that all three levels of MOTO GP, i.e.; Moto-3, Moto-2 and MOTO GP will be shown "live" on Fox Sports 1 after all this Sunday morning...