Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seafair Spectale, sorta...

As Y’all may have noticed, this ‘lil ‘BLOB thingy has been on hiatus recently; Err, more like some sorta Blogosphere Sequestration, which the all knowing Sequester has mightily RUINED this year’s Seattle’s summer tradition known as Seafair.

Yuhs see, although we’ll still have the Hydro’s - which just  aren’t the same anymore with their ‘Whooshmobile sounds of turbine power, not to mention still having a series title sponsor related to thy A-L-L CONQUERING military, as in thee Air National Guard; BARF! It’s just really NOT the same anymore with the H1 Unlimiteds vs. the Good ‘Ol Dazes of the APBA Unlimited Hydroplanes... I mean where are you Bernie Little...

As the series sponsor makes it even more ironic that the Blue Angels  have been scrapped from this year’s Seafair activities - as Seafair just AIN’T Seafair without the Blue Angels... Who along with all military precision acrobatics squads, i.e.; Air Force’s Thunderbirds, Army’s Golden Knights and the Navy’s Blue Angels have been grounded due to the Sequester, which is designed to keep our mean, lean, fightin’ machine in the business of warfare... But never fear, we’re not gonna take away our funding from Junior Nation’s hero ‘lil Ironhead or John “Print This!” Barnes Panther Racing, ‘cause those are important recruiting vehicles, albeit I’d rather be a Blue Angels Fighter pilot than ‘RASSCAR Taxicab driver; Oh Never Mind! As it appears business as usual as Gee Wally, Supervisors get rai$es while the little people get Squat!

Ro-Ro! Looks like I’m working up a lather over ‘Somme-thun stupid, so I’d better stop and go turn on thee ‘Telie instead and either watch the Scott Dixon parade at Mid-Ohio or hope for the “Beef Jerkey” boat (Oh Boy Oberto) to kick ARSE again in this year’s Albert Lee Cup... Like has anybody heard a peep over who won the Tri-Cities H1 Hydrofest; Chirp, Chirp, is this thingy on? Uh, that’s what I thought! As the Patriots Jet team will be kOOL! But like I said before they AIN’T the Blue Angels!

As may be, just may be ‘DJ WillyP, aka Will Power can finally get the monkey off of his back? Although I’d prefer seeing either Justin ‘B-I-G UNIT Wilson or “Symone Pagenoe,” (Simon Pagenaud) Joseph Newgarden or HELL! Even Tristan “TriVo” Vautier take the podiums top step instead... although I did just purchase a Fosters “Oil Can” for Raceday celebrations; Cheers Mates!