Friday, August 23, 2013

What Will Kimi Do?

Ah, the tranquility of a month’s summer break, ‘Whale sorta, as I like to say, Formula 1 NEVER Sleeps! And although I suppose the annual Silly Season has already kicked off, as even thee OLD-est IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips has even alluded to it occurring in Indy Cars, noting how the top two ‘Playas seemingly are ‘TK Follow-your-Schnoz Kanaan and thee Mayor ‘O Hinchtown, aka James Hinchcliffe, which are two pretty B-I-G names to be on the open market...

Yet I must say I’m more intrigued over what thee ORIGINAL Iceman, nee Kimi Räikkönen will do in regards to his 2014 F1 campaign? Does he logically take his Oompphlats down the road to Milton Keynes or continue chillin’ out and doing his own thing at Enstone?

As in I find this hypothetical dilemma Kimi faces most interesting, and perhaps will ultimately define his unique character? As I’m not mentioning anything new here, but if Y’all were Kimi, what would you do?

As we know, with Mark Webber’s impending retirement from Formula 1 at the end of the season, there’s an open drive to fill at the currently all conquering Red Bull F1 “to Infinity & Beyond!” Racing Team, arguably the best F1 chassis on the grid, designed by the Aerodynamicist genius Adrian Newey along with one of the most crack Pitstops Squads and top notch overall F1 organizations.

And I simply haven’t had time to go back ‘N watch the entire Hungarian Grand Prix in order to hear what exactly ‘TWINKIEBOY (Seb Vettel) WHINED about over his in-car radio which the fine FOM Broadcast folks decided to enlighten us with, suffice it to say, something in effect that Raikkonen was SLOWER than him, i.e.; he’s holding me up, so tell him; Err Charlie (Whiting) to get him to move over... To which thee young Sebastian totally played down upon the post race Podium interviews, saying that he and Kimi had had a good laugh over I-T, as it was just clearly something said in the heat of the moment; blah-blah-blah...

Yet is this something Raikkonen’s prepared to face week-in, week-out as Seb’s teammate, the Golden Boy of Red Bull Racing... As surely Vettel’s penchant for totally disregarding team orders, not to mention turfing off said teammate has to be on Kimi’s mind, right? Since we all know how Webber feels towards his Mate... Since when asked if he’d wanted to punch-out Vettel after Malaysia, Webber shot back: “My Dad told me never to punch boys!”

And the decision must be a somewhat hard one for thee ‘Kimster? Although obviously we’re not privy to any inside discussions, i.e.; what the teams future plans are, etc. As I can count two potentially troubling negatives towards Kimi staying at Lotus F1, ‘Whale Otay, perhaps three? As reportedly Raikkonen hasn’t been paid salary promptly, and this is reputedly the second year in a row this has occurred, whilst there’s also reports of team funding issues (and lack of development) to which Lotus F1’s Team Boss Eric Boullier claims all will be divulged shortly ...

Yet the most apparent issue to Mwah, excluding thee Smiling Assassin's (Seb’ Vettel) outright behaviour, as even if Kimi’s management team can get some sort of reassurance clause that he’ll be free to race for the championship; Honest Kimi! We all know how well promises are kept in Formula 1 right?

No, the most worrying aspect towards Raikkonen remaining at Enstone surely must be the effect of James Allison’s departure, of which Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward gives a brief overview upon the man replacing him in; Allison on the move, to which we all know now that Allison’s finally been confirmed at la Scuderia, nee Ferrari.

Thus, while I have no reasons to doubt new Lotus Technical Director Nick Chester’s abilities, nevertheless, the E22, the 2014 Lotus challenger will be his first outright full car design and in such a critical year with the advent of the new V-6 turbo era, can Chester perceivably compete head-to-head design-wise with the talented Newey?

As surely at age 33, Raikkonen solely wishes to win races and be world champion again before taking his Oomphlats off to Snowmobile racing or whatever he does  after Formula 1.

As I’d personally like to see thy ‘Kimster remain at Lotus where he seemingly can be his own man, with Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo replacing Webber instead. As surely the Red Bull bubble must burst eventually and Newey cannot get every single car design right? Although I suppose his last, true disappointment was the Williams FW16 which abruptly had its active suspension removed as part of the 1994 FIA rule changes banning “electronic driver aids,” albeit its still unknown whether or not Michael Schumacher’s Benetton was utilizing the illegal “launch” software discovered later that season. As sadly the FW16 was the chassis that Ayrton Senna ultimately lost his life aboard...

Yet, there does appear to be a third possible option, although I find it to be a long shot and most likely a negotiating ploy or warning shot towards Fredrico Suave, aka Fred Alonso, or all of the above? As rumours suggest that Kimi could also be in the running for a Ferrari seat next year. Although I see this not being very realistic, since after all why did Kimi leave la Scuderia at the end of 2009; basically burned out upon Formula 1, its politics, Maranello’s polemics and sundry PR work? Not to mention having gotten spanked by his teammate Felipe Massa before his dehabilitating accident... Yet on the plus side, you’d think that Ferrari’s ’14 chassis will definitely be an improvement with Allison on board, eh?

So what will Kimi do? Can Lotus ever mount a serious challenge for the title? Or is it on the Downslide a la another storied team I’m reading about in The Life of Senna who were known as thee original Lotus of Colin Chapman fame.

While surely the betting man would have to say that Red bull would appear to be the car of choice, albeit there’s that pesky Vettel obstacle, what say Ye Kimi?

Just leave Me alone, I DON’T have a signed Contract yet!