Thursday, August 15, 2013

AUTOS: The Original ‘PickemUp racer?

This was a ‘KURR-RAZY BEAST ‘O a vehicle that SnowByrd MJ pointed out to Mwah whilst perusing thee Freemont ‘ArtCarz Festimus during 2011 - and seems to be one of, if not thee original PickemUp racers.

GPT Truck
1948 Diamond T (Grand Prix Truck commissioned by Colin Case – raced in several Trans-routes. Wacky looking mobile with massive front grill/tyres; 10-feet tall? Rear is made of wood; rump/ARSE seems wacked (cut) off...

Claimed to have some sort of set-up akin to the late 1930’s Auto Unions, i.e.; mid-engine (rear) – a straight-six cylinder tube frame chassis affair.

Was found abandoned in parking lot by current owner and has been in an eternal state of restoration by its current cohorts at Close Enough Engineering whose mantra is:Good Enough!