Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holy Flying Aero Cars Batman!

LOOK! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a car; err it’s a Flying Car? Ro-Ro Shaggy; Hur-hur-hur!

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a racing blog devoted purely to F1 and IndyCar; BUTT! A) Its Summertime. B) I’m still raptured in the intricacies of trying to unravel myself from the world of ‘Confuzers... Trying to discard my small wealth of winDOUGHS XP knowledge and convert myself into the DASTARDLY world ‘O winDOUGHS-7-Speak. C) Have been trying to get my new BITCHIN’ Confuzer to cause me to STOP BITCHING OUTLOUD! And D) I’ve been fighting to ‘Ketsup ever since taking a longer than expected enforced break away from Zed keyboard - which if I can mangle; Err manage to keep this blog alive into the foreseeable future, then I think it’ll be a good practice to make August a month of minor posting, a la Formula 1’s Summer Holiday - focusing upon whatever tickles my fancy!

Thus hopefully ALL of my remaining (3?) loyal readers will allow me to indulge upon releasing some more volumes of vintage stories ready for uncorking, as I’d been holding off on publishing these since I’d been contemplating starting another blog for these miscellaneous stories... Which hopefully I can now get loaded before my newest switchover date (8/7) occurs, as I’ll start off with this teaser below sent to me awhile ago by AZ Bureau Chief Snobyrd MJ.

Shush! Don’t tell SCREWGAL! Err, thee gOOgle Munster about this, I mean who knows? Fully autonomous flying cars? Ro-Ro Astro indeedy!