Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AUTOS: Touring the North End Car Show circuit - Round 1

1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee. (Source: cars.about.com)
Tour de Terrace
Date: Saturday; July 30, 2011

Continuing on with thy Red, White ‘N Blue ‘Humdinger theme... ‘Whale actually like most thingys these Dazes, 4th “O July has come ‘N gone,  whilst I was just reminded of this festival upon having missed I-T again as it took me a moment to figure out why Fireworks were being shot off into the night’s sky on July 28th; Huh?

As although I have known of this somewhat Minnowesqe Festival for several years now - thanks solely to ‘Clyde-thee-Driver for pointing this out upon chauffeuring me down to Kent I was made aware of the yearly (then upcoming
 ‘Twenty-eleven show) event when he read the banner proclaiming said event upon our way towards the I-5 Freeway ramp’s entrance...

Then with further assistance from my Shopper Assistant/Courtesy Clerk Extraordinaire Cheryl just days prior - as I mused; how in the BLOODY HELL is a Blind person supposed to know when the local summer festival is happening? Specifically, how are they supposed to be able to read some miniscule typeface in the local ‘Circular’s event’s happenings, especially if they DON’T ever read the Newspaper, eh? To which Cheryl quickly said hang on - I’ll look it up for you after she cheerfully bagged my groceries at my neighborhood QFC grocery store. As guess what? We both missed I-T this year since they don’t print the free events circular anymore...

And thus, already being in the area, I decided to traipse the remaining blocks to the event site, which I must say, I was pleasantly surprised how much the event had grown since I’d last visited it. As there wasn’t anything besides a tiny Car Show all those years ago, and thus walking thru the small crowd, I couldn’t see where the FRIGGIN’ Car show was? And after asking a lady in one of the myriad of vendor booths, who didn’t know - I think it’s over there somewhere on the Baseball field... I mistakenly turned around 180-degrees and exited the grounds thinking there must be a better entry way further down the street, right?

BUTT NO! This KnottSoe sage stragety of mine promptly backfired, as I finally said NUTS! And retraced my steps back to said event grounds Gateway; this time instead actually proceeding further then the 50-yards I’d gone before on the uneven dirt field - past the row of “Honey Buckets.”

As this time I pressed further into the abyss, as the meandering crowd seemed to be walking directly between the carnival ride; WTF? And thus, slowing my gait to “Blind Mann’s Crawl,” below 5mph when unsure of the terrain, I took a small breath and decided to push on thru the maze of extremely near carnival rides - having to snake around a Merry-go-Round and Ferris wheel. Yet with three persons fast approaching my backside, I came to a halt to let them pass-by. And then I was very pleasantly surprised, as the man who appeared to be the father turned around and came back to me, wishing to warn me of the ensuing melee ‘O power cables I’d need to navigate - Thanxs Dude!

And like an ultra slow Aeroplane punching thru the clouds - or a Turkey Vulture? I made it thru the daunting amusement ride alley and emerged victoriously on the adjacent baseball grounds to an awaiting array of classic vehicles gleaming in the sunshine!

  • 18-cars Right Hand side Row
  • 15-cars Left Hand side Row
  • 40-50+ cars Outside Perimeter

Top 3 Choices
(R/H side)
1969 Scrambler – still DON’T know what make? My favourite car of show...
Red AC Cobra knock-off. (Replica)
1957 Chevy Belair.

Top 3 Choices
(L/H side)
1967/68 Ford Mustang convertible.
Early ‘90’s Corvette.
Replica 427 Cobra blue with white Le Mans stripes & white side exhaust pipes.
Wild lowered/chopped/slammed Custom sedan. (Buick?) Very COOL! Probably my silver medalist for Overall show choices - while have NO idea what woulda taken bronze...

As sorry Folks, that’s all the notes I scribbled profusely upon I-T some two years ago, as where does A-L-L of the Flippin’ time go? As I’d really have liked to attended I-T again this summer, but alas, they DON’T do a very good job of advertising it and seemingly even the locals don’t know when its going on, as I prefer these type of low-key car shows over the monstrous behemoths like Monterey’s Concours de Elegance, or even closer to home the Kirkland Concurs de Elegance, albeit I might be inclined to try checking I-T out this Labour Day weekend since I’ve just renewed my LeMay-America’s Car Museum membership...