Monday, August 26, 2013

A Day of Questionable Officiating?

So I totally understand the call, as in obviously priority number one is Pit Crew safety, and the fact that I cannot see - means I couldn't see the supposed waywardness of the Penske tyre changer who Scott Dixon called out for making a DICK move by purposely walking into his car... Yet it seems pretty interesting how two drivers were going Banana's in the Booth, with a third saying it was dirty pool - while Penske Team President Tim Cindric seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole affair and flatly said; I have NO idea if it was on purpose, you'll have to ask him....

And I'm happy that Will Power finally got the monkey off his back over his victory drought, but I was rootin' instead for Justin 'B-I-G UNIT Wilson to get around his ex-Champ Car competitor which seemingly would have been justice for Race Control taking away a probable victory from Dixon; yet haven't the Penske boyz been victims of crew mistakes before?

And although the Penske crew member in question seemingly was carrying his tyre perhaps awkwardly, nevertheless  I just can't believe that he or anybody on Pitlane would purposely walk into a speeding car!

Yet perhaps part of the issue was the multitude 'O painted pit box lines? Since apparently the difference between the 'RASSCAR boxes and the IndyCar boxes were confusing to thee casual fan...

Meanwhile, earlier in the day at the mighty Spa-Francorchamps, Pastor 'Wyldthing Maldonado seemingly got away with another bad, bad move, as I personally feel that Maldonado should have been slapped with a 10-grid spot penalty for Monza for simply turning into the pits upon an unsuspecting Paul di resta, instead of simply being given a Drive-thru penalty, since as the announcers said, Maldonado's race, and more importantly Di Resta's races were already ruined.

But back to Sonoma, which certainly was anything but boring, as in NO Snorhoma today, right? The race simply left me with a bad taste in my mouth, since if 'HULIO (Castroneves) goes on to win the championship this year, I'll not be impressed at all, since to date his single win came with a car penalized Post-race for a technical infraction and Dixon was possibly victimized of massively cutting into Hulio's points lead, and thus I now find myself firmly rooting for Dixon to overcome this dark cloud of controversy and win his third championship; as after all, whatever happened to the driver with more race wins being crowned champ?

While I take exception to 'Crash Gladys's comment towards being sick 'N tired of race fans simply believing everything that the announcers say... Hey, if you're visually impaired and the sunshine in California is so bright that you cannot S-E-E the cars clearly upon your television screen, then you're kinda between a rock and a hard place, eh? Yet shame upon the reporters who are just doing their jobs by shoving microphones into the faces of angry racecar drivers immediately after an incident and then needling them incessantly about did he do I-T on purpose?

So I'm not sure what the answer is, as I totally believe that as Statmann Carutherz pointed out, the first and only priority should be the safety and well being of the humans on Pitlane trying to dance about hurtlin' metal & carbon fibre 650bhp missiles and the rules ARE the rules, i.e.; any vehicular contact with either equipment, tyres or crew members is an automatic penalty!

As another valid point Statmann brought up is the unintended consequences of said hit tyre gaining momentum and potentially hitting the offending driver or unsuspecting crewmen on Pitlane, as  let's recall what happened when Mark Webber's Red Bull was released prematurely without its wheel securely attached in Germany - as fortunately the FOM Cameraman survived  being struck by the errant tyre, albeit with broken bones and a nasty concussion... While the team was quickly fined $30,000 Euros for the releasing of an unsafe racecar!

So while I still think that Maldonado should get a penalty for his erratic ontrack driving, I have to say that I find myself agreeing with Beaux Barfield's ultimate call upon Dixon, with perhaps the only thing being questioned is whether there should be some sort of perceived tyre removal procedures on Pitlane? Although I think instead IndyCar should mandate the overhead air hoses instead of chucking about Air guns if we're gonna get into safety procedures on Pitlane...