Monday, August 12, 2013

Wind Tunnel Finale...

Up until this season of Wind Tunnel with Ye 'Ol Windbag Dave Despain, I've been one of the millions 'O Devoted tunnelHeadz tunin' in as  'Ol SuperMario sez, religiously, having begun my tunnel watching 'Wayback when it was a weekly 4-nights hour show, which I know I've scribbled 'bout somewherez in this blog. As I kinda quit watching weekly this year for two reasons: 1) Wind Tunnel for NO good reason was truncated into a half hour format and 2) the show would be going away on august 17th when SPEED became the STUPID Fox Sports One channel instead, which made me just feel like sayin' categoroly FUCK U FOX!


Thus I did manage to catch the Wind Tunnel Finale Sunday night and found it a very enjoyable way to go out in a ball 'O fire, as part of the reason I've turned to Wind Tunnel regularly was to see what thee OLD Curmudgeon 'O Open Wheel Racing 'R would have to say... As he's better known as robin Miller to most of Yuhs, who's another casualty of SPEED's demise, although I'm told Miller will be penning his thoughts for Racer magazine, apparently alongside Marshall Pruett, while NO word on Despain's future plans, since after all he is an 'Offical Senior Citizen now...


And I've had a zillion laughs over the years of watching Wind Tunnel and am sure I have more than one GURR-REAT! Memory of the show, but the Juan that most easily springs to mind was when the late Dannyboy 'SPIKE Wheldon was a guest upon the show and Robin Miller had gotten him to wear a very old & funny button of thee 'Cheepster on his shirt, to which Yuhs just couldn't help spotting... As even Despain got into the act saying what's up with the much younger looking version of Chip Ganassi upon your lapel, eh? As I just sat there laughing-out-loud!


Watching the myriad of Drivers comments towards Wind Tunnel, it seems overly obvious that this was a great show, will be sorely missed and leaves a giant vacuum in the motor racing landscape, as really FOX? What in the FUCK are Y'all thinking by killing off this program??? As I can only hope that a new & longer 1hr show will be launched upon the Peacock-lite in the near future, are Yuhs listening NBC Sports Network?


Arrivederci Dave Despain, we'll MISS Yuhs!