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AUTOS: Touring duh North End Car Show circuit - Round 2

1991 Saleen Mustang. (Source:
Northgate Festival
Date: Saturday; September 10, 2011

Three year’s ago originally, I ran into this ‘lil Festival ‘O Speed purely by chance, as I’d been on my way to purchase a new white cane at Community Services for the Blind and Partially Sighted (CSBPS) after having finally worn out the elastic shock chord of my original ‘Joy-stick as Daniel Baines Cooper christened I-T upon my arrival for that year’s MOTO GP race at Mother Speedway...

Thus, upon overhearing the bus driver telling the blind “Dog-lady” (guide dog assisted) that some of the streets were closed off due to the Street Faire occurring in what I’ve previously scribbled in;

I made my way back to this ‘lil Car Show the following year, yet alas, as Y’all know IT! How did another year-plus Zoom-Zoom Bye? As I came away from that year’s event thingking to myself how this Festival definitely was in its infancy - having felt like it was a bit in a Sophomore Slump, perhaps due to the Oppressive HEAT - Hey! 80+ deg-f is very HOT for us Seattleite’s, especially in September; Otay? Just Sayin;’ Oh Never Mind!

As once again I rode the bus to this virtually unknown late summer activity, which sadly PAILED in comparison to ‘SnoHomer’s Tour de Terrace Festiva; YIKES! Which AIN’T saying a whole lot once again as I repeat myself, albeit try remembering’ Northgate was just in its second year of existence then, as I made some Booth Vendor’s Day whilst apparently trying to cut thru her space as a woman said sternly to Mwah HALT! You’re about to run into a pole; Aye Karumba!

As she was kind enough to guide me back around to the narrow entrance chute to the parking lot hosting the Car Show I’d solely come for... As it feels like you’re basically running a mini Gauntlet into the crushed gravel? Offshoot parking space...

An although I’m ARSE-sumin’ it was thee Highlight of the show? But ultimately my silver medalist, thus whilst overhearing whom I presumed was the proud owner of said black? w/twin mini white Le Mans stripes Ford GT I heard somebody say how production had ceased in 2006 w/4,035 units being built while marveling in the attention his steed was bringing him...

Nevertheless, although this definitely was the BEST of Show, the car that absolutely GRABBED my attention thee MOST was a striking Grabber Blue 2011 Shelby Mustang w/requisite wide track - Y’all know wider is better, right? Hya! Twin white stripes, as I could even discern the revered (Shelby) Snake emblem on the front fender’s midriff, Err just ahead of the door’s forward edge!

As there appeared to be approx. 25-35+ ‘Stang’s Unhand, with 85% being of the latest rounded Mustang ‘Circa 1999-2010 generation - probably split 60/40 towards the newer ’04-current generation’s 1969-70 Mustang Sports Roof style, albeit the rear side window treatment reminds me more of the 1965-66 Mustang/Shelby Fastback’s...

And completing my personal “People’s Choice” podium while taking the Bronze; Hey! I just cannot leave this medaling stuff alone after ‘Ol Uncle Bernaughty’s ultra STUPID blather about Formula 1 using an Olympics’ style medaling system, which isn’t to be ‘Cornfuzed with his constant medling; Hooah! But I digress, as back to the third place inductee instead; with a super clean Saleen ‘Gem sitting nearly alone.

As this super SWEET looking silver Pre-1999 5.0-liter era ‘Stang really stood out to Mwah in the sea ‘O swoopy, rounded, bulbulous current generation cars...

Oh yeah, did I mention the Car Show portion is put on by the ‘Mega Northwest Mustang Car Club NW Mustangs - which brings to an end this abortive, languishing No Fenders thriller. As although this is the latest Car Show event I’ve been to, unfortunately after two years of playing in the sun, my memories of I-T have completely faded away and hence, perhaps I should attempt to visit it once again this fall...

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