Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AUTOS: Thee Ultimate Art Car?

Force India auctions off Formula 1 Art Car. (Source: en.espnf1.com)
My-Oh-My! Mr. Mariner Dave Niehaus, where does the time go? As I simply cannot believe that this story has been percolating; Err fermentin’ for some two years now; YIKES!

As perhaps Y’all heard ‘Wayback in the summer ‘O Twenty-eleven’s British Grand Prix that Force India would be auctioning off a very special one-of-one VJM-01 Formula 1 chassis for charity, as I have NO idea what the Art Car fetched?

Force India to auction hand painted F1car

Although the concept of Art Cars really isn’t new, as case in point, not only did celebrated motorsports artist Randy Owens paint a Lola IndyCar a zillion years ago, but I’ve got the corresponding 1:43 Diecast buried inside a box somewherez at Tomaso Manor. As the Diecast once made up part of an eclectic fleet of miniature racing cars upon my work desk: the Lola Art Car sat proudly alongside a “Super Mario, DirtMann and King Hiro” trio of Indy Cars...

As I suppose I knew I-T all those years ago, but now find it karmic that I’ve actually conversed and had my picture taken with the chauffer of the real Lola T93/00 Ford IndyCar driven by Buddy Lazier for Leader Cards during the ’94 season a year ago at Mother Speedway!

While obviously the most famous Art Cars are those ubiquitous Andy Warhol BMW “Beemers” from a long, long, time ago, who unfortunately their 15-minutes ‘O Fame has long since passed... Although I do know that I posted another story some time ago about the latest incarnation of said BMW Art Cars getting ready to race at le Circuit de la Sarthe...