Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'Monty Making Comeback?

So I heard 'bout the news via Curt Cavin's IndyStar piece (8/19) about how Juan Pablo Montoya had contacted Mikey Andretti about a possible ride in Indy Cars next year, to which Mikey said "HELL YEAH!" ("BRING IT ON!") Provided he can find the necessary sponsorship.

Yet what I find interesting 'bout the article is how Andretti is trying to figure out how to slot all of his potential drivers into rides next year, as Mikey's still waiting to hear back from Go Daddy on whether or not they want to renew 'Hinches contract? As thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown (James Hinchcliffe) is currently free to negotiate with other potential teams, i.e.; Chip Ganassi, etc.

Plus there's Marco most assuredly set to remain with the team, Ryan Hunter-Reay has  a contract and E.J. "What, Me Worry?" Viso most likely to keep his ride due to his CITGO sponsorship, while there's some Up & Comer named  Carlos Munoz looking to graduate to the B-I-G CARZ next year.

All of which made me  scream... Then why doesn't Gary Peterson of AFS fame simply start-up his own two car operation? That way Mikey could keep his current four car operation with AFS as his satellite team and then they'd just have to figure out who drives for who if Montoya  and Munoz join the party...

Yet the interesting part is that obviously thee 'Cheepster has different designs for his fourth seat alongside Charlie Kimball at the 'G2 squad, otherwise you'd think he'd already have inserted Montoya there... And NO! I won't make any jokes about Montoya's backside being too large to fit in an IndyCar, after all which is how he got the nickname 'Mac, right? Which of course reminds me of somebody named Nige; Hya!

Yet it almost seems that by Mikey going public so early, that Juan Pablo won't be landing there, but then who else in the IndyCar paddock might be willing to gamble upon the Columbian? Hmm? Why is my gut telling me that Monty may become the new Barracuda Ambassador? As it would be a definite boost for Bryan Herta and what type better driver could be sponsored by Barracuda, eh?

As somehow I cannot see Montoya driving for 'lil Napoleon's (Tony George) team; Err Eddie Fuzzy Wuzzy Carpenter, John "Print This!" Barnes or whoever else is left in the paddock, since after all, all Monty wants to do is drive for a winner!