Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Golden Era Aeroplane...

Read this interesting article recently, ‘Whale at least it was recent when I first began poondin’ this out, ironically the very same day I’d ordered the new Confuzer, as it would take me another 8-weeks to finally successfully find I-T! As the Newspapers have a sneaky habit of posting stories under different titles and thus I couldn’t find the link when searching to what I thought was the stories title via my Newsline for the Blind telephone service.

Nevertheless, without further adu, freshly unwrapped Fishwrap,” NO! Sorry folks, NO Copper River Salmon here, move along lassie; Hya! As we’re talkin’ severe Freezer burns here over this slightly neglected story via the local, prominent, remaining Newspaper, The Seattle Times. As I found this story very interesting - detailing an intrepid Northwest couple’s desires to not only build a very unique period correct, scratch built Biplane, but hopefully retrace the original Aeroplane’s route upon its 90th Anniversary in 2014; Aye Karumba!

As four converted World War I Torpedo Bombers called Douglas World Cruisers took off from Sand Point, then Seattle’s municipal airport, (which I’m ARSE-sumin’ later became the Sand Point Naval base - which used to house the Goodyear blimp during Seafair) forerunner of today’s Boeing Field to circumnavigate the globe as the first Aeroplanes to do so. And although the Boston and the Seattle both failed to complete the arduous flight, the remaining Chicago and New Orleans successfully returned to Sand Point some six months and seventy stops later, making aviation history.

 As now this adventurous couple seeks to mark the event by retracing history by departing on the 90th Anniversary of  said historic flight on April 6, 2014 aboard their one of a kind aeroplane dubbed the Seattle II...

Good Luck Demsters!