Wednesday, December 22, 2010

‘Bia Throws Down at Brazilian Kart-fest...

Just spotted this whilst perusing BloggerLand yesterday... Over at “Johnnie Parson’s” (NOT!) IndyCar Blogsite; although I did have to “Goggle-it” just to make sure it wasn’t another of JP’s Fast ‘Juan’s, since occasionally he likes to pull a “Flyer,” Err Fake Field-goal – Yeah, that’s the ticket; Hya!

But Ana “Bia” Figueirido Beatriz did really win the second day’s 2010 Felipe Massa Charity Go Kart race – by passing somebody known here at No Fenders as ‘Rubino! Check it out in;

Barriers Still Being Broken

Hopefully this’ll give BIA some more traction towards landing a Fulltime Gig in the Big Carz (Indy Cars) for 2011 – Hmm? I think there’s a seat still open at Dale Coyne, eh?

Speedway Sirens flock to Indianapolis in droves: The Centennial Years (2010 Edition)