Friday, December 10, 2010

RETRO: Stoking the Team Lotus fires...

What is it they say ‘bout harkening back to those Good ‘Ol Dazes... As for reasons unknown, (Whale Sorta...) I’ve become totally enamioured by the REAL Team Lotus IndyCars ‘O Yesteryear... As I’m still kickin’ myselfs for NOT asking Mr. Carpets to snap a pic of that BEAUTIFUL 1963 Rookie Jimmy Clark’s Lotus Type-29 Indy Car on static display when we traipsed thru the IMS’s Hall of Fame museum; SHEISA!

And I’m simply guessing that Dario “REO SPeedwagon” Franchitti’s fortuitous outing at The Speedway, which I scribbled ‘bout in;

RETRO: Keeping Past IndyCar Flames Alive

Was in some way in conjunction with reviving the brand name of Lotus? As in I’d absolutely have LUV-ed to have been there to listen to personally in Four-track harmony that magnificent four cammer Ford Fairlane V-8 resonating thru the Brickyard, which Dario sez he kept whoa’ed DOWN to 6,200RPM’s...

Thus the bug has bit so hard that I just had Santa deliver me a very fine present – as in a coveted Jim Clark 1/18 Diecast! And this has led to my going bonkers over The Flying Scot - even having slipped further, now planning upon purchasing my very first copy of what I typically refer to as road ‘N AD! (Road & Track) For the first time in years; which I’m told will be running a six-part retrospective towards the Indy 500 leading up to the fast coming coveted 100th Anniversary – Part II. (Just being informed there’s a 5-page spread on Clark’s Lotus 38 IndyCar in the January, 2011 R&T issue – on Newstands now?)

And Captain Kirk has just sent me the link to R&T’s recap upon Dario Franchitti’s fantastic outing aboard Clark’s Lotus 38, which is definitely worth a listen, Err watch – as DAMN! If that Lotus-Ford sounds as good on my puny ‘lil Confuzer speakers... Whale Yuhs getz the idea, eh? Check it out here!

Dario's Dream: Special Report - Video