Friday, December 17, 2010

The Power of Schuey?

In ‘Juan O my many future scribblin’s dotting the No Fenders Office landscape... I’ve come upon another tiny note ‘bout the 2010 Hockenheimring – jotting down from the SPEED broadcast;

Welcome to Der ‘Vurld O Formel Ein Economic Realities, i.e.; shared venues – as in the German GP is now split bi-yearly between the Nurburgring and Hockenheim.

As it was most likely Bob Varsha who pointed out that NOT even DER TERMINATOR’s (M. Schumacher) F1 return could SELL OUT the somewhat beleaguered racetrack... As the Hockenheimring seats 85,000 but only 65,000 tickets were sold.

Of course Schuey’s Free Practice 1 (FP1) results certainly weren’t anything to write home ‘bout; winding-up P23 – finishing ahead of only “Sackoe-Moneyato.” (Sakon Yamamoto) As the Japanese driver was the only Gran Primo Piloto SLOWER then Schuey in the morning’s session; YIKES!

Then I also noted that Herr Schumacher has passed Ricardo Patrese’s career starts tally two races ago, becoming No. 2 all-time behind Rubino. (Barrichello) Who has 295 Grand Prix starts to date, as Sir Frank sez it’s merely a formality towards announcing Rubens return for next year at Team Willie...

“Louise ‘JAGUAR” Hamilton smashes his McLaren MP4-24 in FP1, as the Mechanics feverishly put it back together Just-in-Time for Lewis to go out for the final 10-minutes of FP2; where ‘JAGUAR hauls himself up to P7 on the Timesheets...

40yrs at Hockenheim