Thursday, December 9, 2010

Genii and Group Lotus join forces in Order to Smother Team Lotus and Fernandes...

So the news of Group Lotus, owned by the Malaysian Government controlled Proton Auto Manufacture; yesterday went ahead and formally announce what many pundits have suggested would happen. As Renault F1 will become Lotus in 2011, Err Lotus-Renault GP, as the naming row seems perfectly summed up by Team Lotus 2.0’s Chief Technology Officer,

Mike Gascoyne:
“Lotus, just like buses, you wait for ages and then two come along at once...”

Team Lotus still defiant in name spat

And talk bout trying to RAMROD your position down the Backside of your competitor... Lotus-Renault GP dually unveiled its new for 2011 paint scheme in its TAKEOVER, Err Merger with Renault F1 majority Stakeholder Genii Capitol... Uhm, Ah - guess what Beav’ Hmm? My that looks like a Dead-ringer copy of what Tony Fernandes and Lotus Racing had already announced for its 2011 racecar... Can you say John Player Special? Which is extremely funny do to the most pervasive Smoking Ban that’s been de rigger in Formula One for how many seasons now?

Thus I fear that Mr. Fernandes is getting a sharp stick in the eye... As the powers-to-be in Malaysia seem to be covering their You-know-what’s (ARSES) by fully supporting Dany Bahar. Which means unless some major light is shed, I’ll NOT be granting Lotus-Renault GP a spot upon my F1 Team Links section in 2011 – instead focusing upon Tony fernandes’s Team Lotus, in whatever guise it ultimately shows up as...

Just hope they’re NOT gonna get bum Reggie lumps that excessively go KUHBLAMOE next year!

As I agree wholeheartedly with Joe Saward’s comments ‘bout how STUPID this is! Which you can read more in: Where’s the black cap?