Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hoops for Thailand

Hey everybody, know you’re probably a 'Wee bit tired of the Nonstop Holiday Shopping spree “N relentless commercials, eh? Especially now that Christmas is over...

Yet this is a pretty cool thing that Ariel’s doing, as she’s planning to go to Thailand as part of the Sparks Circus and provide her multiple Hooping, Clowning, Acting and other skills for the Disadvantaged Children of Burma...

But of course, like everything in life – it takes money to accomplish this feat, and Ariel’s no different in this quest to bring free entertainment to Thailand for which she’s seeking donations for her upcoming trip.

For more information – please check out her website – and then click upon the Sparks Circus Outreach page... As I know Ariel will greatly appreciate it, not to mention the multitudes of Kids they’ll be performing for. So please visit her website at: Ariel

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