Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Lap for ’ANDO and Others

Perhaps by now you’ve heard the news that ‘ANDO, a.k.a. John Anderson has suddenly passed away at the age of 65 years young, whilst apparently suffering a Heart attack after playing racquetball with longtime friend Will Phillips.

And I cannot say I knew much about ANDO, as sadly, it seems that the Team Personnel, i.e.; Managers, Engineers, Mechanics, etc outta the Limelight rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve...

Although I do know I noted ANDO’s taking up residence at USF1, along with knowing he’d been instrumental in running Gil de Ferran’s successful American Le Mans Series foray, along with having been Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti’s winning Team Strategist at Indianapolis in 2007, not to mention Dario’s Indy Racing League Championship that season for Andretti Green Racing.

IndyCar Curmudgeon Robin Miller wrote a very nice piece in ‘bout the late John Anderson, noting the following below regarding his conversations regarding the lamented USF1 Team that ANDO tried to help save late in the game last year...

John Anderson
“We don’t have any equipment yet, or a car, but the shop floor is spotless...”

INDYCAR: Farewell To Ando

Who was Jacques Swaters?
Although I’d never heard of this person before; Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward wrote an interesting piece ‘bout the late Jacques Swaters, which I’m drawn to comment ‘bout due to his links to la Scuderia...

Jacques Swaters

Tom Wheatcroft: 1922-2009
Otay, for reasons unknown – I totally missed out upon commenting upon Mr. Wheatcroft’s passing away just over one year ago... As my memories are pretty hazy towards my Solitary “connection” involving Messer Wheatcroft; being that rain soaked 1993 European GP, which I vaguely recall watchin’ on ze Telescreen way back when... With the conditions being quite horrible – whilst the late Ayrton Senna put on another wet weather driving Clinique. Apparently having won the race by a country mile!

Yet, I did somehow manage to catch a quick tour of his ‘Mega Car collection with Barry Meguiar on Car Crazy earlier this year – as I’d LUV to tour the Wheatcroft inspired Donnington Park Grand Prix Experience museum, while I’m happy to say that it appears that the beleaguered Donnington Park Circuit is back Up ‘N Running, which is great news...

Donnington Park GP Experience museum

Tom Wheatcroft: 1922-2009

And I’m certain there are others I’ve missed; but obviously – NOT intentionally...