Saturday, December 4, 2010

’DAWGS go bowling for Apples ‘N More...

Otay, so I know this is supposed to be a racing Blogsite – As I scribble this, I realize I haven’t watched a University of Washington Huskies Football game since... Whale since I last scribbled ‘bout it in USC falters in DAWG House, way back in 2009, when the student became the teacher; as ironically Steve Sarkisian defeated mentor and former boss Pete Carroll, who’s now known as Mr. Excitement by the No Fenders Sports Staff... Hmm? What’s that ‘bout Carroll, Reggie “Heisman-trophy-for-Sale” Busch & USC?

USC Falters in the DAWG House

But I was drawn to the game – where the HELL is it? ABC, NOPE! NBC, CBS, NOPE! FOX, FSN, ESPN 1-2-47, HIKE! It’s on Versus? Geez – I haven’t watched that channel since that deflating Homestead IndyCar finale...

But I was interested, since the DAWGS were in a must win situation in order to become Bowl eligible for the first time since 2002. Y’all know when Barry Green’s 7-11 sponsored racecar chauffeured by PT (Paul Tracy) WON the Indy 500... OOPS! ‘Dat’s right, Err some CLOWN named HULIO was busy winning the General’s (GM) very last Indy 500... Upon further Review, the ruling on the Racetrack stands – Citizen Tony sez H. Castroneves won the race By-gummit! Now hand over that $100k appeal and those videotapes Barry...

Refreshingly, “U-Dub’s” Quarter Back Jake Locker, forgoing leaving College early to turn Pro stuck around in order to play his Senior year and hopefully lead the Huskies to Post-tournament play... And not only that, but he’s been playin’ injured the whole year; broken finger, bum ankles, knee, spleen, shins... Err, BROKEN ribs – take that Vince Young – YOUCH!

As Locker & Co. dug themselves a deep trench by falling to a dismal 3-6 record before doing the improvable... Hey, we’re talkin’ the same PAC 10 team that went 0-12 and basically brought the Dawghouse to the ground...

As Locker first led the DAWGS over ex-Huskies Rick “What Basketball Poole” Neuheisel’s UCLA Bruins, (as Mr. Neuheisel was fired for playing in an illegal Basketball pool whilst at UW way back when...)

Then, the following week, a final play touchdown over the California Bears before just defeating those DASTARDLY KITTY-CATS over in the Palouse, winning three straight weeks in-a-row! As the DAWGS vs. Kitty Cats (Huskies vs. Cougars) is our state’s version of Oregon’s “Civil War.”

As I was also unaware that the WSU (Washington State University) Cougars vs. UW (University of Washington) Huskies Apple Cup showdown this December was the 103rd Annual Edition (match) between these two Grid-iron competitors... Let’s see; you mean they’ve been playing the Apple Cup since November 30, 1901; Aye Karumba!As in eight years BEFORE someplace called The Brickyard (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) opened its gates... Unbelievable! So hopefully the Huskies will indeed be nominated for the Holiday Bowl in San Diego...

Good Luck & GO DAWGS!

Washington Huskies Use Late-Game Heroics To Drop Cougars, 35-28

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  1. That, my friend, was friggin' AWESOME!!! WOOF!!!