Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wither Bachelart

So you say you wanna be a Rock Star, Err, an IndyCar Team Owner – living the life ‘O glitz ‘N glamour, (“Money for NOTHIN’ & Chicks for FREE...”) bein’ the big Cheeze, making’ all those decisions... Like wheres to place those just acquired sponsors ‘Decle’s (Decals) on the nosecone in Gasoline Alley... Picking drivers, etc.

As I just read the obvious – according to Randy “Where’s duh Beef” Bernard – ‘bout how naturally two ICS Team Owners weren’t happy over the leagues decision to dole out Contingency Funds to only the top 22-fulltime Indy Car Series participants vs. the current Top-24... Yuhs knows when the Indy Racing League, Err IndyCar shells out $1.3m per chassis for contesting the full season.

Yet Eric Bachelart, who’s been running his own Minnowesqe Conquest Racing team for 15-years now, seems to always draw the short straw. Recall that it was Bachelart (amongst others) who’d just dropped a cool million a copy for the new Panoz DP01 in Champ Car just months prior to “Ronnie” & “Smiley-face” (Tony G. and Kevin K.) pulling off their landmark Merger, Err Takeover – NO! I meant reunification... As Bachelart was stuck with some shiny new Panoz’s... Which if memory serves me correct? I believe was a faster racecar then those lovely Dallara Crapwagon’s of the day – just sayin’; Oh Never Mind!

Bernard’s latest policy change should actually be known as the Milkalicious ride-buyer denial plan, as Bachelart finished number 23 and Dale Coyne and His gIRL, Err Gal, the Wanderin’ Milka finished P24... As in so much for participating for 30yrs in the sport, eh? We only Franchise the drivers weeze likes, although I DON’T know why there’s such a disdain over Milka Duno and her CITGO sponsorship... As the perennial ‘King Hiro never got the black flag treatment – not to mention the plethora of sketchy Backmarkers of both CART and the IRL. As who was Racin Garner and Dr. Jack Miller to name a few, not to mention those great Team Scandia Piloto’s, nor somebody named Lyn St James...

Then again it’ll be great to see Milka towel slappin’ DannaWhooze’s ARSE in ARCA right? And won’t it be funny seein’ Milka entered in this year’s I500... I mean ar Yuhs tellin’ me that Mr. Belskuis WON’T cash her entry cheque?